Party night

Sun Ce had come back from doing minor—emphasis on minor—food shopping for the apartment and other errands when he realized he should tend to that missed phone call. He would’ve answered earlier, but considering he was still handling things over at Dynasty High and then got sidetracked by a rather bitchy driver, phone calls were put on hold until he could get some breathing room.

"Xiao?!" he called, pulling his phone out of his pocket. When he realized his roommate wasn’t here—she was probably at work or something he assumed—he continued overhearing his messages.

As he expected, half of them were ‘I think I left something at your place, call me’ and the other half were actually much more meaningful to him. Something from his parents, and then each of his siblings. Guo Jia’s message had been next and Ce sighed in relief at the mention of his boxing equipment coming in; he could finally pencil in a bit more training, maybe even hang out with Guo Jia for a little bit. They seemed to have a few things in common, the trait of being rather laid back and lax about certain things being one of them. Downtime was a blessing, and he got the feeling when the school year started he’d have little time for that, especially if students had taken an interest in any physical education.

He grabbed his jacket again and headed downstairs and settled for walking to the Sports Authority; the weather was nice, why waste time in traffic and waste his gas? It was expensive to fill it the hell up anyway. He entered the doors, looking for Guo Jia’s familiar face while he bee-lined it for the boxing area.

"Dude, where are you?!"

So my interim Assistant Coach job became a Permanent One @ Dynasty High.

I get to teach at the place I graduated from! WIN. Sort of. XD Although I gotta pick up that boxing equipment!

crackhighschoolrpacc-deactivate said:
Hye Ce, that new shipment of boxing equipment just arrived for ya at the store. Come down at the store anytime you feel like it. I'll have bring out the stuff to your car. Anyways how your is your sex life?

I answered:

It did?! Sweet! I’ll come over and pick it up right now. It’s Sunday and I’ve got nothing to do. And my sex life is existent and good. I have few hits and misses, but it’s generally good XD

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pinkhairpins-deactivated2011121 said:
CE. I totally don't mind doing your laundry and all, but I /really/ wish those girls you've been with didn't leave /their underwear/ behind! What, did they leave the apartment WITHOUT wearing anything after they're done with you? Gross!

I answered:

Wh-wha?! Okay, that’s nice of you to do my laundry and everything since there’s a washer and dryer unit but…uh…

well it might have been so good they wanted to leave me keepsakes? I have no idea, but really Xiao just…throw them out.

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I answered:


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tumblrbot said:

I answered:

punching the hell out of the punching bag down in the gym in my apartment building.

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